Gesine Bullock-Prado

Sugar Glider Kitchen is a baking school run by pastry chef and baking instructor, Gesine Bullock-Prado. Located in Hartford, Vermont in the converted carriage house of a historic tavern, we offer intimate classes of 8-12 bakers.


Please consult our baking schedule for upcoming classes.

Gesine is the host of Food Network’s “Baked in Vermont”, a baking instructor, a regular guest chef instructor at King Arthur Flour at their baking education center in Norwich, Vermont and has taught at Southern Seasons and Stonewall Kitchen cooking schools.

Now, she’s opened up what was once her commercial bakery and cookbook test kitchen to small groups of students.

Take the Pate Choux class and learn the art of the eclair.

More about Gesine:  She bakes.  She eats.  She thinks about what she’s going to bake while she’s eating the thing she just baked.  She writes books about baking (to find out more, click HERE). She teaches baking and sometimes she’s on t.v. talking about baking. In fact, she’s the host of her own baking show on Food Network called “Baked in Vermont.”

The secret to the perfect pie crust? The pie class at Sugar Glider.

She’s a regular contributor to Better Homes and Gardens.  She teams up with their fabulous food editor, Nancy, and together they concoct dessert features.  They spend weeks, nay months, dreaming up sweet zaniness.

She’s been a guest food editor at Food & Wine and Runner’s World.
Yearn to make a luscious caramel tart with creamy chocolate ganache? Take a tart class with the Sugar Glider.
She’s a guest instructor at King Arthur Flour, spreading the sweet word to all manner of bakers.  She’s also taught at Southern Seasons and Stonewall Kitchens.
Learn the art of great cake.
She used to have a pastry shop but that ended up getting in the way of her baking.  All that business was cramping her relationship with butter and sugar.
What she loves, more than anything, is to teach all that she knows and loves about baking. When you book a class at Sugar Glider Kitchen, you’ll enjoy a hands on baking class like no other. You’ll leave the studio armed with knowledge and inspiration. It’s a sweet guarantee