We are located in Hartford, Vermont in very close proximity to Simon Pearce in Quechee, Vermont. You’ll receive the exact address once you’ve successfully signed up for class.

Follow Ruthie the dog to the entrance to Sugar Glider Kitchen!

You can also sign-up for our newsletter by clicking on the SIGN UP FOR UPDATES button (writing through the contact page will not get you on the class update list) where we share the latest classes added to the schedule and other SGK news. Most of our students travel from out of state and need to do a bit of planning. Signing up for the newsletter is our way of informing you immediately when classes are available. Again, go to our Classes page, scroll down, and click on the pink “SIGN UP FOR UPDATES” link!

NOTE! Before you write, please read the following: if you’re inquiring about lodging, closest airports, etc, there is a page dedicated to this subject on this website. Click “Your Stay in Vermont” at the bottom of the page! These are merely suggestions.

PLEASE READ: Class schedules can be found by going to the CLASSES link and clicking ON the link. All classes that are scheduled…are scheduled, so if you don’t see any classes listed during the month you’re interested, they are not scheduled yet. Most people travel from out of state for classes and classes fill up incredibly quickly. If you’d like updates on when the latest classes are posted, sign up for the newsletter on the CLASSES page and check our Facebook page regularly.

Classes are added one month ahead. Sometimes a few months ahead if we have locked down schedules. Again, if you do not see classes in the month you are interested in, we do not have a schedule (that means: WE DON’T KNOW!) and will send alerts via our newsletter and our Facebook page when dates are available. If you are interested in classes in the future, please sign up for the newsletter. Most of you are traveling from out of town and need to do quite a bit of planning. Writing us, asking about the future schedule not yet posted, will only end in tears of frustrations for everyone because, if you read the above, you’ll know that we don’t know but when we do, we’ll post the news in the newsletter and on Facebook IMMEDIATELY. Please don’t write us asking about the future schedule unless you are a psychic and can tell us what the future schedule might be.

We are not booking private classes at this time. We do not sell gift certificates. Minimum age to take a class is 18 for legal/insurance reasons.

Information on pricing and timing can ALSO be found on the classes page.

Writing through the contact page will not put you on the newsletter list/class information list. Please go to the classes page and click on the SIGN UP FOR UPDATES button to receive updated class information. 

If you’re looking for recipes from an episode of Baked in Vermont, you can find them at www.foodnetwork.com/bakedinvermont

Before you fill out this form, please make sure you’ve read the above (hint, if you write me here that you want to be informed about classes or that you want a gift certificate, you violated the first rule of Bake Club and didn’t read the above).