From decorated browned butter sugar cookies, to gluten free chocolate meringue cookies, to cranberry bars, to sugared almonds. This is your day to learn new cookie (and candy!) techniques make the most epic cookie platter.

Just in time for the Holidays (or any day!), learn to make a savory chicken (or turkey) pot pie with a flaky crust and a creamy savory filling. Make this any time of year but definitely make it festive for the holidays (and use that leftover turkey for something scrumptious). You'll also learn how to make a gorgeous dish with left over mashed potato!

Make a chocolate lovers dream and get the tips to decorate like a pro. Hands on.

Make a piece of edible art by decorating savory focaccia dough with decoratively placed veggies. While the dough is rising, Gesine will demo how to make multi colored pastas. Hands on.

Hand-raised, hot crust pork pies to warm you and your family on chilly nights. Hands on.

Make a shareable French lemon tart (tarte a citron) and individual caramel/ganache tarts. Hands on.

The spongiest, most delicious cake is also the cutest. Learn how to pipe patterns on cake and never crack a roulade again with Gesine’s expert tips. Hands on.

Create an éclair worthy of a Parisian patisserie using Gesine’s foolproof choux and pastry cream recipes and techniques. Hands on.

Learn the tricks to making Italian meringue macaron. Hands on.

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty in the kitchen! In this upcoming cooking class, students will have the opportunity to make their very own strudel dough from scratch, and then stretch it out by hand.

Once the dough is ready, students will learn how to wrap it around a variety of delicious fillings, from sweet fruit and nut combinations to savory meat and vegetable mixtures. As they work, they'll get a feel for the unique texture and elasticity of strudel dough, and learn how to manipulate it to create the perfect pastry.

Of course, making strudel dough is no easy feat - it takes a bit of practice and patience to get it just right. But with the guidance of an experienced chef, students will be well on their way to mastering this classic pastry dough.

By the end of the class, students will not only have a newfound appreciation for the art of strudel-making, but also a batch of delicious, handmade pastries to take home and enjoy. So why not sign up today and discover the joys of working with strudel dough for yourself?

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Gesine is the host of Food Network's "Baked in Vermont," a New York Time's bestselling cookbook author, and sought after baking instructor.
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