Gesine Bullock-Prado

Sugar Glider Kitchen

Sweet people, Sugar Glider Kitchen is now ONLINE with new classes coming every month! You can sign up for a free month's trial. FYI: You have to put your credit card info in, as is normal for free trials, but you won't be charged for the 1st month. Set up a calendar reminder for yourself when the trial is near an end so you can decide whether re-up without being reminded by a charge on your CC. The class site is run through Thinkific and I'll post here when new classes are dropping. You'll have access to all classes through the subscription model. We're hard at work (thank you Raymo for being my partner in sweetness), shooting and editing and creating new classes as we speak. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sugar Glider Kitchen
Gesine is the host of Food Network's "Baked in Vermont," a New York Time's bestselling cookbook author, and sought after baking instructor.
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